"The event is an exciting work blending the ephemeral with the eternal. With each creation and organization of events, there is a new opportunity to make people happy, to convey emotions that we also feel and that we will keep their whole life deep within us."

After a degree in Business Management and a postgraduate degree in Economic and Social Administration, I had the chance to work for several years as Project Leader in major national companies.

President of the A & P association (cultural association) within the city of Morangis (FRANCE) for over 10 years, I have been leading since the age of 18, managing different cultural projects.

Gala nights, ceremonies, inaugurations, receptions, dancing dinners, theme nights, music festivals, exhibitions. I organized over a hundred events that always ranged from 10 to about 800 guests.

In constant search and evolution, we always seek to create increasingly unique moments, whose ultimate goal is to see the increasingly surprised participants and create that rare emotion we never forget.

One year ago and after the end of a project, I had this idea, considered crazy for some and ambitious for others, by myself, to create my own event organization company, Activ'Events.

With an associative project that has been running for 10 years, with loyal members and an extremely professional and shock team, we have put together all the elements for the realization of this new Project.

I always try to bring my love and affection to people, for the happiness of being able to see them smile and feel happy after the completion of any project. It always ends up becoming a magical moment and it is this emotion that I want to enhance and increase with the Wedding Planning and Organization.

For this moment that for many people will be the most important of your life, my bet will always be the biggest of all, unprecedented in creating a dream that will accompany people for their entire life.